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Erasmus Mundus EFFORT

The Objectives

The Erasnus Mundus EFFORT Partnership’s main aim is to promote the collaboration and academic excellence among the European Higher Educational Institutions and the Institutions of the ENPI East Countries.  

In greater detail the consortium is dedicated to provide maximum efforts to accomplish specific goals as the ones that are stated below: 

  • To address issues which are relevant to the equality and diversity aspects of higher education. Each partner, with their individual capabilities, can meet the objective to support and promote both the equality and the diversity issues that emerge from the project’s agenda. The differences among the partners are the core elements to be endorsed in order to achieve important outcomes as far as the greater educational opportunities are concerned. Furthermore, the interventions are expected to contribute strongly to the promotion of equality and diversity by enabling wider sections of the national education communities (women, disabled people, and remote countries’ citizens) to attend equivalent opportunities to study abroad and acquire a multinational educational culture.
  • To promote structured cooperation between HEI and an offer of enhanced quality in higher education with a distinct European added value, attractive both within the European Union and beyond its borders, with a view to creating centers of excellence.
  • To expand the academic horizons of all the partners of this consortium by interacting, collaborating, cooperating and exchanging academic good practices.
  • To provide maximum assistance to undergraduates, graduates and Doctorate and Post-Doctorate students in order to reach out of their regional limits and seek for opportunities and experience that can be provided by the host countries. These opportunities definitely include the development of qualifications, the enrichment of professional skills and the opportunity to penetrate the labor market both in their home countries but at the host country as well.
  • To contribute at the maximum level to the mutual enrichment of the societies that is to host the beneficiaries of the program. To accomplish this objective the partnership is accompanied by a great number of important associates that are expected to assist the partnership to maximize its potentials in each of the involved regions.
  • To enrich the collaboration among the staff members of the HEI that participates at the present consortium. The mobility of the staff members, both academics and administrative individuals is of great importance to this project. The knowhow that is to be transferred and spread among the partners is of great value because it is to be conceived as a common base for future cooperation.
  • To provide equal opportunities to all students especially the ones that presents some kind of disability. Disabled students are of great importance for this project, because via their participation they will add high value to the EFFORT that the partnership is giving to enrich the academic values.   

 Each one of the partner HEI of this consortium, since the MoU has been signed, bares the responsibility to follow the objectives stated above, pursuit their accomplishment and make an EFFORT to reach the maximum potentials of the Erasmus Mundus program.